Mar 26, 2014 at 03:24 PM
written by Staff

New on SponsorPitch: Deal Database + Deal Pages!

As some of you have already seen, SponsorPitch has been beta testing two new features over the past few weeks. Today, we're excited to roll out the deal database and deal pages to all users.

The idea behind the deal database came from a longtime SponsorPitch member who suggested a better way for searching through the tens of thousands of sponsorship deals that are catalogued on SponsorPitch, expressing a frustration with having to go to each sponsor's page individually to research deals. What if you didn't exactly know what you were looking for, but say just wanted to see all of the sponsorship deals that are happening in Chicago, Illinois? Maybe you want to see deals between auto companies and golf properties or perhaps filter the database to see the most expensive naming rights deals?

Well, clearly we agreed.

The deal database will allow you to do all of the above instantly and is now available to elite subscribing organizations. In addition, every deal now has a dedicated deal page like this with the latest updates on the deal, analytics, participants and similar deals. More information on the release can be found here.

If you're interested in subscribing your organization to elite or learning more about the benefits, please contact [email protected].