Jul 05, 2011 at 02:23 PM
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New Shop Dedicates Itself to Digital Sponsorship Activation

UK-based Weedoo Media, a full service digital marketing shop, thinks digital is such an integral piece of sponsorship activation that it's creating a division dedicated to the digital activation of sports and entertainment sponsorships.

The products Weedoo Sponsorship will offer sponsors and rightsholders include micro-sites, social media activation, iPhone/Smartphone Apps, E-commerce capability, Search Engine Optimisation and Display Engine Marketing.

“By forming this new department we aim to offer our clients complete digital activation of their sponsorship initiative based upon genuinely engaging content that places the shared values of the sponsorship at its very core," Director of Weedoo Sponsorship, Andrew Jenks ACIM, said. "Our interactive websites, iPhone/Smartphone applications and social media platforms, as well as our strategic and creative consultancy services, will allow brands to transform the scale of their online audiences and to interact with them in brand new ways whilst educating about the sponsorship and the brand itself.”

There's no doubt that digital is a major component of most activations, but it seems digital is probably derivative of a larger activation strategy, along with traditional media, on-site activation and other assets. In this sense, Weedoo may find itself most valuable to other more traditional sponsorship or pr, ad or marketing agencies, who might not yet have built up a core competency in the digital arena.

Smartly, WeeDoo says it will not only create digital campaigns, but also structure them to exploit the tracking benefits only available online, in order to quantifiably track the response and value of sponsorship.

“Our digital activation utilises the sponsorship to extensively inform about the brand in order to allow large new audiences to gain a fuller understanding of its operations," Jenks said. "The information, data and insight that we are able to extract also allows the brand to better understand itself in terms of how its sponsorship is perceived in the public domain in order to provide a clearer picture of the true value of a sponsorship. We are able to better show a brand what their sponsorship is worth to them."