Jun 21, 2011 at 11:46 AM
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New Soccer Sponsor Wants To Change The Way You Search

In case there was any doubt that augmented reality is coming to a stadium near you, meet the Tottenham Hotspur's new jersey sponsor, Aurasma. The Barclay's Premier League team has secured a major deal with the AR technology platform which creates all kinds of new content possibilities for fans of the team. Available on smartphones, Aurasma attempts to meld the physical and virtual worlds together to help users recognize and learn more about images, symbols and objects in the real world. It then delivers relevant content in real time, including videos, animations, audio and webpages.

"We are pleased to be supporting Autonomy and its revolutionary Aurasma platform," Daniel Levy, Chairman, Tottenham Hotspur, said. "Autonomy continues to push the boundaries of new technology and with Aurasma we are seeing the future of augmented reality and mobile technology."

While details were sketchy on how the technology would be used with the Spurs, one's imagination could run wild after watching this Aurasma demo, created in support of sailing event and activated by a recent ad placement in the Financial Times.

If it has ambitions of competing with Google for the next generation of search, Aurasma, and its parent company, Autonomy, will will likely have to spend heavily on marketing to build awareness and relevancy.

In a recent profile of Aurasma, the New York Times writes "there have already been dozens of companies who have tried to compete with Google’s search service, so far without success. However, there is also a broad consensus that the future of search will blend next generation search technologies with geographical location."

The Hotspurs said in an announcement that Aurasma will bring Tottenham Hotspur content to life with interactive features, but did not provide any further details on how the deal would be activated.

Any ideas out there? You can learn more about Aurasma here.