Mar 26, 2018 at 12:00 AM
written by

New Sponsorship Alerts For Your SP Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the most popular spots for SponsorPitch members throughout the day. To bring more context to the thousands of new sponsors shown there each month, we're adding some new custom alerts. These custom alerts will be unique to each of individual SponsorPitch user based on what property or properties you're currently affiliated with and aim to bring more relevant insights, trends and leads to your attention without you always having to go dig for them at

For example, the alerts above on the dashboard are only shown if you're affiliated with a Portland, Oregon-based property or a property within the music festival genre to let you know that this sponsor also does deals similar to the types of sponsorships that you're selling (hint hint!).

If you haven't already, you can add affiliations in Edit Profile or create a new property at!