Jan 07, 2009 at 02:32 PM
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New Things in the Neighborhood

Happy Wednesday - it's a sleety one here in NY. Hopefully you're seeing more sun. Here's a few of the updates we added yesterday.

-Added a feature that allows you to see when no video is posted to a profile. We agree - it's annoying clicking on the video player when nothing is there. If you're visiting someone's profile and you see this, ask them to upload a pitch!

-Through the grapevine we heard that there was some confusion with users putting the "unlock code" into the password box at log-in. We added a note at log-in so hopefully this won't happen again.

-Check out our brand new "News" section. We'll be adding featured content regularly... "how to pitch most effectively", "getting a sponsorship job", "interviews" etc. Let us know if you have suggestions for future pieces that that you'd like to see.

The ideas are starting to come in so thank you for that. We're excited to tackle them. Enjoy the day!

ps- our time stamps are off. This was posted at 9:32 am est.