Jul 30, 2012 at 01:12 PM
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Not To Be A Downer, But The World's 2nd Largest Ad Agency Is More Excited For Rio

While London 2012 has gotten all the hype in the run-up, many of the world's largest advertising agencies have been quietly making big moves over the past few years to capitalize on what is perceived to be a bigger prize, South America. One of those agencies is Interpublic Group. Brazil, over the next couple years offers what some to be the perfect confluence for marketers -- two of the world's biggest sporting events - the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics - plus rapid acceleration of digital technologies in an emerging BRIC market. So it comes as no surprise that Interpublic Group, and other agencies like it, may be more than a little excited by the bottom line bump they'll get by helping clients gain and establish market share there.

Here's Interpublic Chairman and CEO, Michael Roth, last Friday on which major events will benefit the agency the most..

"We're more excited about what's happening in Brazil. The FIFA Cup, we see, is a big opportunity for us. We have strong offerings down there. We've already won some assignments for the FIFA Cup and we're going to have a very strong presence there, as well as the Olympics in Latin America. So frankly, we're looking more forward to those Olympics than what we're seeing here in the U.K. As you know, as you may not know, McCann did the advertising for the London Olympics. Wasn't a big revenue generator for us, but it gave us more exposure and that's what we're looking for in that market, particular marketplace. So Olympics is a good thing for us. It's a good chance for us to meet some clients and work with them, but it isn't a big revenue enhancer for us."

source: seekingalpha.com

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