Jul 19, 2012 at 02:47 PM
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Now, Marketers Can Own NYC's MetroCard

New York's iconic yellow and blue MetroCard is now for sale to marketers. The MTA yesterday announced a new plan that will let marketers get their message out by branding both the front and back of MetroCards, which 8.5 million commuters use to get on the city's bus and subways each day. While the MTA has previously allowed ads on the back of cards, this is the first time that cards can be completely co-branded in their entirety - front and back.

“Millions of New Yorkers carry MetroCards with them everywhere they go, and use them multiple times a day,” said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota in a statement. “For those with a message and a desire to reach millions of people in a novel, attention-getting way, there is no better way to advertise.”

Prices will run between $.18 and $.51 per card with a minimum run of 5,000 according to a rate sheet released and NYC Transit says it reserves the right to accept or reject copy or images to be placed on MetroCards in its sole and absolute discretion.


The move is the latest in a string of municipality moves aimed at opening up city assets to marketers as a way of generating new non-traditional revenue streams. For more info, interested parties can contact Gene Ribeiro Director, Promotions & Business Development at [email protected].