Nov 05, 2009 at 05:08 PM
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Partnering to Create New Sponsorship Inventory

In another creative example of partnering to create new sponsorship assets, Group Experiential Learning (GEL) has joined forces with the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics (USSTAG) as a new bronze-level partner, US Sailing today announced.

What makes this partnership unique is not in the fact that the team has added another partner to their roster, but rather in how GEL will be integrated into USSTAG's platform to create additional assets for other sponsors of the team.

GEL will deliver high impact team building and leadership training experiences for current and future USSTAG sponsors.

'Sailing is an extremely team-oriented sport,' said Jay Palace, President of GEL. 'Because sailboats won’t move without coordination between a helmsperson and the sail trimmers, it’s the perfect platform for improving communication, collaboration and developing leadership capabilities needed by high performance teams. The challenges GEL participants face on the water literally mirror what happens inside the office.'

As part of the partnership, GEL will introduce some of USSTAG’s non-endemic sponsors to the sport of sailing, while offering sailing veterans the opportunity to sharpen their skills and enhance their teamwork on the water. Many GEL events will feature participation by USSTAG’s Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.

By combining the expertise of GEL and the corporate interest, already involved in sailing, partnership can create new revenue generating opportunities for both parties.

'We are excited to welcome GEL to the team because they are terrific at what they do and they will contribute a new element to our program,' said Dan Cooney, USSTAG’s Commercial Director. 'We are constantly thinking about new ways our partners can leverage their investment in the team, and GEL provides a truly unique opportunity for a sponsor’s employees and clients. Introducing new people to the sport through this sponsorship is a welcome bonus.'

When crafting out your sponsorship inventory, are you also looking outward for partnerships that could create attractive new sponsorship assets?