Jan 11, 2009 at 12:58 PM
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PBR Days in New York

Haven't seen too many bulls around Manhattan for the better part of the past year or so (tags: nyse, nasdaq) so when we got the invite to attend a sponsor reception prior to Pro Bull Riding's Built Ford Tough Series event at the "world's most famous arena," it was hard to take a pass.

First off.. If you haven't seen the opening pyrotechnics at one of these things, you've got to check it out. Right at the heart of the opening is.. what else, a Ford F-Series Super Duty pick-up. The attendance for night one was strong and the crowd seemed to be pretty bullish on PBR (sorry, couldn't help it). I learned that new yorkers will indeed boo anything - even a bull-rider for a quick exit.

Before the event, we attended a sponsor and media reception, which included photo opps with the PBR trophy, a presentation by PBR CEO Randy Bernard and a backstage tour of the PBR set-up including a close-up of the bulls. During which, I learned from one of the riders that they had to truck in 2 MILLION pounds of dirt prior to the event. What other sport can you talk to the riders thirty mins before the game?

What's the key learning here? It's the sights, sense (and smells) that can create a lasting impression and keep you front of mind when it comes time for an exec to make out marketing plans. While presentations can provide the vitals, the fabric of the event is always best expressed through an experience. So make sure potential sponsors are experiencing the event you're pitching: offer vip tix, a backstage tour, meet and greet with players, talking to fans, etc. You never know - it might spark an idea that you're missing.

As you may have seen in our news section last week, PBR recently linked up with Fenway Sports Group so contact them if you want more details on sponsorship opportunities.