Oct 20, 2010 at 01:15 PM
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PepsiCo Partners With Brand Affinity Tech.

PepsiCo and Brand Affinity Technologies, the California start-up looking to digitize endorsement and celebrity marketing transactions, are working together on new approaches to engage consumers via BAT's stable of athletes and celebrities. As part of the relationship PepsiCo is leveraging BAT's celebrity affinity intelligence and has partnered with BAT as the first sponsor of its netBAT multimedia ad serving product. PepsiCo says it intends to pilot the technology with selected brands over the next several months.

"BAT delivers relevant insight into the daily ups-and-downs of celebrity affinity, and new and efficient ways to capitalize on consumers' insatiable interest in entertainment and sports," said Bonin Bough, Global Director, Digital Media, PepsiCo. "PepsiCo thrives on partnering with innovative, smart new companies that thrive on breaking new ground. BAT fits the mold perfectly."

As part of the agreement, PepsiCo gains access to BAT's research engine, which it says provides daily consumer affinity analysis on more than 40,000 celebrities, taking into account historical attitudes, local and national appeal, and accomplishments and awards.

As part of the relationship, BAT is serving as a model for participants in the PepsiCo10 initiative, an open call and partnership between PepsiCo and up to 10 of the most promising start-ups in media, communications, and technology.

"PepsiCo is once again first to go live with an innovative take on a classic marketing strategy," said Ryan Steelberg, President and CEO of BAT. "This partnership is a significant endorsement of our technology and approach, by a leader in sports and entertainment marketing. We look forward to working together to deliver long-term value to PepsiCo, as well as immediate support for branded initiatives."