Mar 08, 2010 at 07:11 PM
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Physicians Committee Aims to Derail Kraft's Cheddar Explosion

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has offered Irving Mayor Herbert Gears, $75,000 to replace Kraft as the official sponsor of the city's implosion of Texas Stadium on April 11th. Back in January, Kraft Foods was unveiled as the sponsor of what the company is promoting for Mac & Cheese as the "Cheddar Explosion."

In a letter offering Gears $75,000 in cash sponsorship, Physicians Committee President Neal Barnard wrote:

"The Dallas Cowboys played at Texas Stadium for nearly 40 years. To honor this legacy of fitness and athletic achievement, I hope the City of Irving will refuse Kraft's "Cheddar Explosion" scheme, and instead publicize obesity's dangers."

In a similar move last January, PETA asked the City of Indianapolis to rebuke KFC's offer to brand fire hydrants. As part of the offer, the group has asked that a "Cheese Blows You Up" banner be draped over the stadium for the explosion (see illustration above).

Here's the Physicians Committee full letter below:

Physicians Committee Letter