Oct 13, 2009 at 01:33 PM
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Pizza Boxes for Protection?

Sega has dialed up Pizza Hut for its newest version of the classic role play game Phantasy Star, Phantasy Portable 2. A major in-game sponsorship was announced today that will allow players to pick up figures of Japanese Pizza Hut mascot Cheese-kun as well as arm themselves with a Pizza Hut cardboard box shield and a pizza pan at an in-game pizzeria.

Games site, IGN, writes:

A Pizza Hut shop will appear in the game, accessible during your quests. You'll be able purchase items such as Seafood Mixed Pizza and Cheese & Cheese Pizza. These appear to be swords and shields rather than healing items.

Deadly (especially when eaten). Real Pizza Hut shops are also taking part in this promotion. In Japan, Pizza Hut has a mascot known as Mr. Cheese. Those who join the online Pizza Hut Club will get a password for unlocking a Mr. Cheese figure in the game.

This isn't the only food tie-up for Sega. The game also will feature Fanta beverages.