Aug 26, 2009 at 01:10 PM
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Presented by Subsidiary to Title

With the 2009 LPGA Navistar Classic right around the corner, the tournament this morning announced that Monaco RV will be the presenting sponsor at this year's tournament held in late September in Prattville, Alabama. Okay, not a big deal right? Except for the fact that Navistar owns Monaco RV, a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles.

So what would make a title sponsor, who presumably given the pressure that the LPGA is under to sign titles these days, would have all of the benefits under the sun (and certainly pass-thru's to sub brands) sign a presenting sponsorship for one of its subsidiaries? LPGA presenting sponsorships don't come cheap and aren't generally a "throw-in." So was there an entirely incremental spend, steep discount or perhaps a gesture of goodwill extended to a loyal partner as the inventory (presenting sponsorship) gets set to expire.

It may not be that simple. Navistar, a manufacturer of brand and military trucks, entered the consumer RV-business by acquiring Monaco back in June of this year. So it would make sense for Navistar to only sign the commercial vehicle category, which would most likely make this a deal for the consumer vehicle category separate of the parent company's title sponsorship signed in 2008? Perhaps there was some sort of clause accounting for acquisitions, but that seems pretty rare.

"It's a privilege to be the presenting sponsor for the 2009 LPGA Navistar Classic," said Kay Toolson, president, Monaco RV. "This is an exciting event that celebrates the exhilaration and enthusiasm of LPGA golf and our sponsorship positions our brand well with fans and followers of the LPGA, many of who may own and operate recreational vehicles."

Navistar says it will have a full range of commercial vehicles, buses and recreational vehicles on display at the event this year. And now presumably they'll have the right to showcase consumer, too.

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