Nov 01, 2010 at 04:54 PM
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Q3 Sponsorship Snapshot

It's earnings season and from time to time, analyst calls yield actionable insights for properties. In case you missed it, here's a quick summary of what was said last week about sponsorship across some of corporate America's biggest boardrooms.


  • Non-personnel expenses increased by 4% on an underlying basis, largely reflecting increased litigation charges, the cost of re-launching the UBS brand and our sponsorship arrangement with Formula 1.
  • 3% increase in expenses in Wealth Management, partly because Wealth Management was allocated a significant proportion of the cost of our branding and sponsorship initiatives.

    The Taubman Company

  • Taubman raises guidance. About half of which is because assets have recovered strongly and at a curve, resulting in higher rents and more sponsorship income than previously budgeted.

    Exxon Mobile

  • Lubricants business announced a multi-year sponsorship agreement with two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Tony Stewart in Stewart-Haas Racing beginning in 2011. The new agreement allows Exxon Mobil to build on Mobil 1's official motor oil of NASCAR designation, and shows ongoing commitment to NASCAR. It also illustrates Mobil 1's lubricant technology leadership, while supporting continued market growth. Mobil 1's association with NASCAR demonstrates Exxon Mobil's outstanding product performance under extreme driving conditions, and showcases the engine protection and fuel economy our technology delivers to both NASCAR drivers and race fans.


  • Official launch of four-year partnership with Manchester United kicked off July 12, which will support connectivity across global Aon and substantially strengthen Aon’s brand recognition around the world.
  • Y/Y margin impacted by 60 basis points decline related to the launch of Manchester United sponsorship.
  • "We have full access to a $12 million person database in Manchester United that we're going to build the market into. We see significant economic return there as well."
  • "We have been looking for multiple ways really over the last three or four years to reinforce connectivity across our global firm and to build brand awareness. And candidly, we didn't really think there was anything else out there that could do that."


  • On Google TV, CFO of SCA says: "Obviously there is a curve of any innovative new television set in terms of profitability; however, we think there is upside here because for the first time Sony will be able to generate revenues from a consumer past the point of purchase of the television with not only content but targeted marketing sponsorship and other services and even casual gaming which is something the we were never able to do with the television consumer before."

    Deluxe Corporation

  • "Our project reps, small business, marketing labs, sponsorships, designed to build marketing expertise for nine small businesses successfully continued with favorable media exposure. We expect these initiatives will help us drive new customer acquisition and revenue growth over time."
  • "Our mobile tour has enabled us to reach small business owners where they are, and showcase our New Business Services solutions in an exciting and engaging way."

    MoneyGram International

  • "We really continue to make excellent progress in promoting our brand to consumers all over the world. We placed considerable focus on, and made investments in programs and promotions that are helping to build awareness, vicinity and connect MoneyGram more closely to our consumers."
  • We think there’s great synergies between cricket and MoneyGram. Cricket is the number one game in the Indian subcontinent and with huge audience potential. This offers us the perfect opportunity to align MoneyGram with the heritage of the sport and bring us closer to millions of cricket fans and potential MoneyGram consumers.
  • Also during the quarter we focused on events targeting Ramadan. We launched a global Ramadan and Eid promotion in the Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe and the U.S.


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