Aug 08, 2011 at 02:04 PM
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QR Codes On Beach Volleyball Bikini Bottoms. What's Next?

Having just dumped one of the world's most well-known football teams, Betfair seems to have found the place where immediate gratification meets quick response. The online gaming company, never one to shy away from a novel activation tactic, is aiming to get the attention of a heavy male demographic by placing QR codes on the bikini bottoms of British volleyball stars, Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin, in test matches leading up to the Olympic games. Leave it to Betfair to come up with this inventive PR QR activation tactic.

In case you're unfamiliar with QR codes, fans will in theory be able to photograph the QR coded bottoms with a smartphone that then takes the user to Betfair's website.

According to the Daily Mail, the duo which is ranked 26 in the world was "paid a substantial five figure sum by betting firm Betfair for sponsorship rights to their behinds."

“There is huge interest in beach volleyball and we want to ensure that our advertising campaign is seen and remembered by as many sports fans as possible," Betfair spokesperson Andy Lulham remarked. “As far as we’re aware this is the first time QR codes have been used in in-play sports advertising and what better way to test its effectiveness than by putting them on one of the places that is likely to get photographed the most.”

Just last week, the company announced it would drop its Barcelona FC sponsorship in a shift in sponsorship strategy.

"Betfair is evolving the way we leverage our sponsorship assets to prioritise social platforms, and help build engagement with existing and (potential) customers" a Betfair spokesperson said.

And by evolution, you mean...