May 18, 2010 at 01:23 PM
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Research: Properties Responding Better to Brand Needs

According to proposal management and evaluation provider, Sponsorium, properties are improving on their ability to meet the needs of brands.

Research from the company released this week revealed that the average score of a sponsorship proposal increased from 452/1000 in 2008, to 480/1000 in 2009, revealing a 6% increase year on year. Live Music Festivals and Fairs performed the highest averaging at 590/1000, while Sports and Media achieved averages of 507/1000 and 488/1000 respectively. The Community, Tourism and Leisure sectors showed the most year over year improvement, Sponsorium reports.

“Whilst we are seeing an improvement by properties to be more flexible with rights and the needs of brands,” says Sponsorium Founder and CEO Paul Pednault. “The average sponsorship proposal delivers against just 48% of a typical brands sponsorship criteria.”

Sponsorium says that this indicates a move by both brands and properties toward a more partnered approach, rather than a pure buyer-seller relationship. As evidence, Sponsorium points to the fact that brands are also helping properties prepare sponsorship proposals by providing more information available online.

The latest issue of the Sponsorium Report reveals that although brands still consider broadcast, reach and hospitality as valuable benefits, properties should place a higher weighting on other considerations such as lead-time and support with activation. Also access to CRM or fan base data is key for sales and the ability to harness grassroots or community programs.