Jan 07, 2011 at 06:16 PM
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SanDiego.com Offers $250K & A Ten Step Process Towards Sponsorship

SanDiego.com has launched a sponsorship program that it says will infuse "some $250,000" into the local economy by supporting as many 100 events in Metro San Diego. In addition to any sponsorship fees, partner events will receive an email blast to the site's subscribers on the event's behalf, as well as significant media exposure on the site's website and social media platforms. Here's an FAQ on the "Community Partners" program.

Getting approved depends on the cross-promotional benefits that SanDiego.com would receive from sponsoring the event, the positive potential impact of the event on the community of San Diego and other factors, organizers say.

If approved, there's the 10 step process that the website lays out for working together. Here it is:

Step One: Event Manager applies for SanDiego.com event sponsorship at www.sandiego.com/community-partners- application .

Step Two: Event Manager receives an email confirming submission of application within two days of applying.

Step Three: Event is approved or denied for Community Partners program. Event Manager should receive a response from SanDiego.com regarding their status within two weeks of email confirmation. Should event be approved, Event Manager will receive the Community Partners Sponsorship Agreement Form listing the requirements and benefits of the program.

Step Four: Once SanDiego.com has received a signed agreement back, the partnership becomes official.

Step Five: Logos are swapped so that both parties will use partner logos on all marketing materials and event collateral.

Step Six: Any event tickets or promotional products for event/company are given to SanDiego.com in preparation of distribution on Community Perks & Rewards page.

Step Seven: SanDiego.com promotes new Community Partners partnership via Website, eblast and social media. All marketing goes into full effect as well as any other cross-promotional elements stated in sponsorship level contract.

Step Eight: An editorial interview with SanDiego.com takes place with new Community Partner about event taking place.

Step Nine: Editorial is written and posted on SanDiego.com Website, which reaches more than 1 million users every month. A Facebook status update will link the 72,000+ SanDiego.com Facebook fans to the event page and editorial on SanDiego.com.

Step Ten: Tickets/offers are posted on the Community Perks & Rewards page for the entire community.

Well thought through and while some events may find the system a bit structured, this seems like a good way to apply a media partner's strongest assets (eyeballs) towards driving exposure and ticket sales for local events. Now, get to it!

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