Apr 22, 2010 at 04:48 PM
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Siemens Celebrates Earth Day, the Experiential Way

Siemens is doing its part to get the word out about today's 40th anniversary of Earth Day (and their official sponsorship of it) with two high profile experiences in New York and DC.

With support from two Interpublic agencies (experiential agency, Jack Morton, and sports marketing giant, Octagon), the German electronics conglomerate is showcasing Siemens' sustainable innovations and technologies in conjunction with its sponsorship of Earth Day.

“Even though Siemens has seen much momentum and growth in sustainability in the marketplace, there still needs to be broader public acceptance and accountability,” said Eric Spiegel, CEO of Siemens Corporation. “We see this partnership with Earth Day Network as a perfect opportunity to remind the general public how just making simple changes in our daily lives can make a huge difference.”

The two flagship events comprise:

  • Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, DC, with a special Siemens experience that will be on view from April 17 – 25. The experience is housed in a 26-foot wide dome that features interactive exhibits and will showcase the first-ever all-electric chopper, created for Siemens by Orange County Choppers of the American Chopper Show on TLC.

  • The exhibit, "The City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change," in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, from April 19 – 24.

    "We're proud to be helping Siemens show Americans how it's building solutions for a more sustainable future," said Josh McCall, Chairman & CEO of Jack Morton. "Their commitment to sustainability, and that of their 60,000 US employees, is inspiring."

    More photos of Siemens' Earth Day activities can be found on Jack Morton's Facebook page.