Feb 04, 2010 at 09:00 PM
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Six Flags Sues Dirtiest Little Days Inn

If the Days Inn in Eureka, Missouri hadn't been so dirty, it wouldn't have drawn a lawsuit from Six Flags for trademark infringement.

TripAdvisor ranked the Days Inn Eureka Six Flags as the Number 2 hotel on its "Dirtiest Hotels" list for 2010.

One commenter in reply to the list, wrote:

“If Hell had a hotel it would be something like this”

All of this naturally drew the attention of Six Flags representatives who apparently had not authorized Days Inn to market under the Six Flags name. Today Six Flags sued Days Inn.

In a statement, the company, said:

"Six Flags has never authorized the use of the Six Flags mark and the facility has no association, sponsorship, affiliation or any other connection with Six Flags."

Six Flags credited the Trip Advisor story for outing the possible case of trademark infringement.

"The story brought to our attention the unapproved and illegal use of our name by this hotel," said Elizabeth Gotway, a spokeswoman for Six Flags. "We gave the hotel an opportunity to remove the name but it didn't do so in a timely manner."