Apr 30, 2012 at 12:14 PM
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Soccer, F1 Giants Team Up To Expand Reach

Two teams from two of the most watched sports in the world are joining forces to share commercial opportunities and expand the reach of their respective audiences. Chelsea and Sauber say they will use the new partnership announced earlier today to launch joint commercial initiatives, merchandising, events, marketing and linked sponsorship opportunities.

"This is an innovative partnership that will see a football club link up with an F1 team like never before, bringing together two of the world's biggest sports and uniting our fans," Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay said. "We felt that this Swiss team, the fourth oldest of the existing teams, reflects our own ideals perfectly."

Chelsea’s logo will now appear on Sauber’s cars and in exchange the Sauber logo will be placed on boards during Chelsea's home matches.

"A partnership like this between Formula 1 and football has never existed before in this form, yet there are numerous commonalities and possible synergies. In either case we are talking about team sport at the highest - and international - level," Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of the Sauber F1 Team, added. "The Sauber F1 Team and Chelsea FC are dealing with many of the same sporting and commercial topics and we want to strengthen each other in these areas."


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