Jan 15, 2010 at 04:04 PM
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South Beach - For Sale?

This past Wednesday, Miami followed many other municipalities and awarded a three year contract to The Superlative Group, a Cleveland-based marketing company, to seek out corporate partners interested in affiliating with the Miami Beach ``brand.''

Similar programs have recently been established in cities such as Indianapolis, Chicago, New York City and Winnipeg, to great expectations and varying degrees of success. The City of Indianapolis recently cut a deal with KFC to brand fire hydrants, to which PETA replied with a proposal of their own.

The Miami Herald writes:

Miami Beach has already made a few deals on its own, contracting with IZOD to provide uniforms free of cost to its pool lifeguards, Ocean Rescue and Fire Rescue workers, and a Sleepless Night sponsorship with Audi. But commissioners hope the contract with Superlative will lead to lucrative deals -- say, an official South Beach swimsuit or sunscreen.

Superlative has 90 days to deliver a prospect list and create the sales materials under the contract which guarantees the firm $49,000 and $15,000 in expenses. If this amount is exceeded by commissions, the city will be reimbursed according the Miami Herald.