Sep 21, 2011 at 02:48 PM
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Sponsor-Free No More

Ryan Moore, currently #46 in the Official World Golf Rankings, has made headlines in the past not for his sponsorship deals, but rather because he's one of the few top players on the PGA Tour that has elected to play “sponsor-free." Moore's previous stance has given way to more capitalistic behavior of late, having just announced a sponsorship deal with a company called Switch4 and currently showcasing a few other products such as True Linkswear and Adams Golf on his official website.

Moore and Shift4, an independent payment gateway that enables e-commerce, are both based out of Las Vegas and family managed – similarities that held significance according to Moore, who says he carefully considers new deals.

“I don’t take the business of sponsorships lightly,” said Moore. “There needs to be a level of comfort for the sponsor and for me. Luckily, I was able to find that with Shift4 and the Oder family. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”

“We’re glad that the reputation of our company and our family is such that Ryan feels he can promote Shift4 without reservation,” said Shift4 founder and CEO Dave Oder. “He’s a talented young man with a proven track record, ever-increasing skill set, and great potential for the future. We welcome him to the Shift4 family and look forward to watching his success in the years to come.”

Moore has previously said he enjoyed the freedom of being sponsor-free.

"I pick a club because I want to play, not because I have to make it work. To me, there is a lot of comfort and a lot of confidence in that," Moore told Aol News back in 2009. "Everything you see me wearing, I paid for."

No word yet on whether Switch4 will power Ryan Moore's website, Ryan is represented by his brother, Jeremy, of Moore Golf Management.