Aug 17, 2009 at 11:44 AM
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SponsorPitch Blog Comments

A quick note about comments. This weekend, we had a couple properties pitching their sponsorship opportunity in blog comments. We want your pitch - heck, that's what this site is here for - but, the best way to get attention for your sponsorship opportunity through the blog is to sign-up/sign-in to a property account, create a profile and then make a quality "on topic" comment based on your sponsorship experience. The comment you make will automatically link back to your sponsorship opportunity/profile on our site and you will be accredited for it on your profile as well, so potential sponsors and other properties can see your participating at a high level. We have roughly 200 visits to the blog per day from sponsorship buyers and sellers. We've made it a strict policy to delete opportunity hawking in comments, as this is an area for us all to grow and share insights (without being LinkedIn-ified). Thanks for understanding and we look forward to hearing about your opinions, experiences, and best practices.