Aug 04, 2009 at 02:05 PM
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SponsorPitch in a Snapshot

Today, SponsorPitch announces the launch of Premium Pitch, a new breed productivity tool for sponsorship professionals. Building on the initial beta SponsorPitch site launched in mid-2008, Premium Pitch will provide unprecedented resources for sponsorship marketers to leverage their knowledge through existing social media channels, and a new content section to increase it.

Some of the features available in Premium Pitch:

  • A customized widget with your property name to link your SponsorPitch profile to your website and other social sites throughout the web
  • Brandcast: video interviews with top brand side and agency marketers
  • Easy to upload dynamic content on your profile including the ability to embed slide presentations and upload videos
  • Full access to contact features that let your current partners endorse you (i.e. "Sponsor Testimonials") and new ones easily contact and rate your opportunity up our HotOpps rankings.
  • Share buttons that allow you and others supporters of your opportunity to promote your pitch throughout your and their other social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and a whole lot more.

    As a reward to all of you who have joined us to date, we're making Premium Pitch completely free for the month of August so go try it out risk free for the next few weeks. Beyond that, Premium Pitch will be priced at $19.95/month for a single property (i.e. organization) and $34.95/month for agencies (up to five separate accounts under one email). The basic free membership remains available.



    We've been in your position, fielding proposals, cold calls, sitting through pitch meetings, and sifting through mounds of research. It’s all part of our jobs as marketers. SponsorPitch applies 30+ years of combined experience in the sponsorship game working for brands like AT&T Wireless, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Powerbar, Schering-Plough, Siemens, Swiss Re, Wyeth, and major airlines, with relevant social media technologies to help you scale your productivity. Like you, we believe sponsorship has the inherent and unique ability to leverage deeply rooted consumer passions into product awareness, engagement and the purchase of goods and services.

    Our purpose for existence is pretty simple: 1) to provide cutting-edge ways for brands, businesses and agencies of all sizes to pro-actively learn about the best new opportunities for their business and sponsorship goals and 2) to put properties in control by providing new tools to increase the promotion, reach and effectiveness of their sponsorship pitches.

    SponsorPitch is NOT a match making service that will magically put the right partner in your lap. You still have to do the work, updating and requesting data, promoting yourself, learning and sharing with others inside and outside our community. The more you contribute and share information the more value you will create for others, and they in turn for you. It’s the social media ethos applied to sponsorship. To that end, we've made it easy for you to get involved in the dialogue. For instance, add quality comments on the blog and they will automatically appear on your profile page. Gain a following and you'll grow both your professional network and awareness for your specific sponsorship opportunity.

    Looking back and ahead

    In mid 2008, we launched and many of you signed-up, gave us your feedback and helped promote our cause in the very early days. For that, I can't express our level of gratitude.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lengthy list of groundbreaking features on our white board and we are being well received by industry luminaries who could offer resources to make SponsorPitch even better.

    We’ve come a long way in just the last six months, when all we had was an Ad Age article and no community. We’ve grown our membership by 500% since April by continually reinvesting in our product and pushing the limits of the value we can offer to you and your business. We don’t plan on stopping.

    Thanks again for your continued support.