Jan 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM
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SponsorPitch Launches Free Monthly Masterclasses for Subscribers

We're super excited to formally announce the launch of SponsorPitch's sponsorship masterclass series, in conjunction with Sponsorship Mastery. Free to SponsorPitch subscribers, these monthly interactive masterclasses will cover a unique topic each month that will help you master the art and science of sponsorship. The first masterclass is February 4th and space is limited so be sure to RSVP today at the link below. A full list of topics for future masterclasses can be found below

"Sponsorship Mastery is thrilled to partner with SponsorPitch. Our shared dedication to equip sponsorship professionals with cutting-edge tools and information has never been more important," said Sponsorship Mastery Founder Paula Beadle. "Together we will fuel creativity, connection, and learning as we all prepare for the future of sponsorship."

In addition to your free 12 masterclasses, SponsorPitch subscribers get FOUR huge bonuses for committing to your professional development.

  • The Winning Proposal Checklist: Get the seven steps to creating a winning proposal. Download the checklist inside your private attendee hub.
  • 2020 Brand Sponsorship Research Study: Curious what brands are planning for 2021? Answers are inside Sponsorship Mastery's recent brand sponsorship research study results. Download your copy inside your private attendee hub.
  • The Complete Guide to Developing a Sponsorship Sales Plan: Learn the step-by-step approach to developing a sales plan. Download the guide inside your private attendee hub.
  • A Sponsorship Mastery Summit Discount! SponsorPitch is sponsoring a generous 25% discount for you to attend the next Sponsorship Mastery Summit event. SponsorPitch will send you details on your discount in another email when we get closer to the event date.