Sep 24, 2009 at 12:07 PM
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Sponsorship for Make Benefit of Glorious Property, Azerbaijan Soccer

Many business realities differ across borders, but sponsorship of sport, though its tactics may differ, is pretty much a consistent and necessary practice in most countries and regions throughout the world.

For instance...

Unibank has signed a three-year agreement with Azerbaijan's Premier Football League (PFL) under which it will get status as official main sponsor of the premier league, placement of advertising spots and banners of the Bank, use of sponsor’s symbols in lightning of League’s games, and preparing of Unibank’s special advertising campaigns during football championship.

“We consider this sponsorship agreement as beginning of partnership of Azerbaijani business and sports from which first of all footballers win. I can say that we also have other proposals for sponsorship in the League, but the most profitable and confirmed in business was package of proposals from Unibank. Part of finances received from sponsorship PFL plans to spend on reconstruction of stadiums and building of stadium “Shusha” in Ramani settlement,” Football League President Ramin Musayev said.

Seems charity and ROI are hot buttons of sponsorship, no matter where you go.

"Unibank’s sponsorship in the Football League is profitable both for the Bank and professionals of Azerbaijani football united in PFL.. it will be founded a special prize in nomination The Best Player of the League to be awarded monthly with taking into account playing of footballers regardless of their belonging to any football club."

With American sports, like the NBA, increasingly looking to tap foreign sponsorship and American brands looking towards sponsorship as a market-entry tool abroad, sponsorship has become a global game of billion dollar proportions.

So it seems, learning new languages may be an under-rated resume builder for aspiring sponsorship salesmen. With that said, Azerbaijan lists 16 "living languages." Snap to it, kids!