Sep 30, 2009 at 08:41 PM
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Sports Sponsorship Symposium - Day 1

Kathleen Hessert of Sports Media Challenge and the SBJ staff have been keeping up with all of the insights from Day 1 at the Relay Sports Sponsorship Symposium.

The main takeaway from today looks to be, not surprisingly, that sponsors are moving away from brand sponsorship and towards a greater focus on quantitative accountability against pre-determined metrics, in some cases needing to explore new models such as pay for performance/increased cooperation in sharing of information.

Here are some of the notes we found of interest:

kathleenhessert: No longer throw bucket of$ it's what's working- think partners/relationships to help drive value. No longer buyer & selleri-partners #SBJSSS

fishereric: NFL's Waller: we've yet to find sponsor to share full financial info to really measure ROI. #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: NFL CMO says must look at fans dfferently, sponsors differently. Dialogue must B deeper but partners won't share metrics for ROI #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: ROI is king BUT @tpmcghee AT&T says sponsors don't have answers to what makes ROI which is 1 reason why sharing doesn't happen #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Pay 4 Performance emphasized more. Challenge is 2 respond 2 incentive based contract. Incentive clauses align partners focus/actions #SBJSSS

fishereric: Pay-for-performance sponsorship models gaining traction, but measurables must be fair. #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Pay 4 Performance emphasized more. Challenge is 2 respond 2 incentive based contract. Incentive clauses align partners focus/actions #SBJSSS

fishereric: A-B's Dan McHugh: we've gone from 84 pct category exclusive to 54 pct in 6 yrs. #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: AmEx & AT&T wants exclusive deals 4 full mindshare of property. Anheuser Busch not needed- #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: "Good opportunities continue to find $" @tpmcghee AT&T must always be aware of opportunities #SBJSSS

fishereric: A-B's McHugh: we're doubling our spend in digital media. Key to reaching 21-27 demo. #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: AmEx Rich Learfield VP Global says SM allows them to gain scale & engage passionate fans so we look for best ideas #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Gatorade "G" has taken them smack back in middle of teen sports culture says Gatorade CMO O'Hagan volume of word of mouth is massive #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Wallets aren't closing, deals R slower, lots more negotiation, LOTS more checks & balances, panel agrees #sbjsss

kathleenhessert: Aon Global CMO saw market as opportunity 2 get aggressive. "When the water level gets low you can see who's wearing a bathingsuit" #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Xerox going increasingly local w/sports sponsorships. Asking what's big in Chicago or Dallas to create better value proposition. #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Marketing IS NOT a faith based issue. Need quantitative value says Phil Clement CMO of Aon #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Notre Dame is huge Xerox partner. Getting more from relationship than cost whether win or lose says Xerox. BUT let's win!says KH #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Jason Dial former Dir Global Sports Mktg, P&G focus on NFL sponsorship framework: 3 prongs: education, consultation, innovation #SBJSSS

trippmickle: P&G deal with USOC took a third of the time as the co's deal w/ NFL, which took 3 years #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Appeal of NFL 4 P&G- 2000 players & coaches use P&G products. Locker room became torture chamber for P&G products #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Downs to P&G NFL sponsorship include economic & budget challenges... Lack of familiarity of power of sports marketing #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Sports sponsorship is like eating when you're not hungry if you don't have clear, disciplined marketing goals- too emotional #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: Advice for anyone starting long term deal with major property? Ensure well defined, disciplined goals or scope creep will occur #SBJSSS

kathleenhessert: More sponsors want to partner w NBA Hispanic initiatives than in past yrs #SBJSSS


For the full list of tweets, check out the SBJSSS tweet stream here.