Jul 01, 2010 at 09:06 PM
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State Farm Expands Turnpike Sponsorships

State Farm Insurance will partner with the Kansas Turnpike this summer for the State Farm Safety Assist program, re-implementing and expanding the program that helps stranded motorists and makes Turnpike travel safer and easier.

Under the program, two State Farm Safety Assist vehicles will patrol will patrol in red-and-white State Farm-sponsored vehicles the heavily traveled Kansas City to Topeka corridor. The sponsorship by State Farm provides financial resources to help put the assistance program back on the road. From 2000 to 2008, motorist assistance vehicles patrolled the Turnpike, but due to the challenging economic environment, the program was sidelined in 2008.

“Over the past several years, the Turnpike has put a high priority on reducing operating costs while still providing customers safe, high-quality service,” said Michael Johnston, Turnpike President/CEO. “We appreciate that the State Farm partnership allows the KTA to return Safety Assist to the highway and expand the area where it helps motorists.”

In addition to helping individual customers, State Farm Safety Assist is intended to improve safety by clearing congestion from disabled vehicles and free up time that troopers use to perform normal law enforcement duties. State Farm Safety Assist services will include:

  • Providing fuel to get a customer to next service station.
  • Watching for and removing debris from the road.
  • Helping change flat tires.
  • Calling tow trucks.
  • Offering minor mechanical assistance.
  • Assisting with traffic direction at accidents and other incidents to clear congestion and lower the risk of dangerous secondary accidents.
  • Checking on the welfare of travelers

    State Farm has been supporting auto safety initiatives through partnerships that supply financial and operational resources to municipal organizations such as the Kansas Turnpike.

    “Over 286,000 Kansans have come to rely on the quality service and relationships, innovative products, mutual trust, integrity and financial strength provided by State Farm Insurance Companies and the 240 Agents in Kansas,” said John Langcuster, State Farm Kansas Vice President of Agency. “Our support of the Safety Assist program underscores the continued commitment State Farm has to help protect our customers in Kansas and make our roads safer. Safety Assist is a fine example of our good neighbor philosophy.”

    The Kansas Turnpike is just the latest roadway to benefit from the State Farm sponsorship of motorist assistance programs. The company operates patrols in partnership with Florida’s Turnpike, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the E-470 tollway in Denver and New York state.

    photo credit: floridasturnpike.com