Feb 14, 2011 at 02:18 PM
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Study Shows Link Between Alcohol Sponsorship & Hazardous Consumption

A new study about the link between alcohol sponsorship and alcoholism compares the drinking level of athletes who were sponsored by alcohol brands vs. brands from other categories. The study, which examined 652 athletes and was recently published in the Alcohol and Alcoholism, renews debate about the hot topic that has received considerable attention throughout the world over the past few months.

''When sportspeople get alcohol sponsorship, it encourages them to feel indebted to the people that sponsor them,'' said Dr Peter Miller, a Deakin University scientist. ''If you are getting positive messages from alcohol you are more likely to be drawn towards it.''

Several alcohol companies, including Foster's and Diageo, refuted the study's claims.

''We have seen no evidence that demonstrates a link between alcohol sponsorship and risky drinking behaviors, whether that be amongst consumers or players,'' Diageo spokesman, Bob Rayner.

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