Dec 09, 2011 at 01:07 PM
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Study: Sponsorship To Be Fastest Segment Of Sports Revenue Through 2015

PwC is out with its latest global sports market outlook, a must read for anyone interested in seriously working in sponsorship. As expected, the prevailing themes are selling global and adding more sophistication to measurement. While the firm says that sponsorship growth rates will be fairly even across the globe (4.4% in Asia to 6.1% NA), PwC points out that in some regions like BRIC and Asia sponsorship is much more vital to the overall revenue of the sports organization. For instance, 43.2% of all sports revenue in Asia, it says, comes from sponsorship. Despite the anticipated growth, competition for sponsorships will be stiff with more properties investing in overseas resources to pursue more global deals. The downside of globalization, of course, is that economic concerns in certain regions such as Europe could have a greater impact than ever on sponsorship revenues throughout the rest of the globe. Julie Clark, PwC's UK Leader of Sports and Leisure breaks down the latest PwC study in the video below.

As for the U.S., PwC points to two factors that have lifted sponsorship spending in recent years: a relaxation of regulation around sponsorship spending (e.g. alcohol) and a revival of the auto industry. Here's the full study..