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The 5 Ways Waste Management Cleans Up Through Event Sponsorship

Few waste management companies have been as proactive with sponsorship as that of the category's Houston-based namesake, Waste Management, Inc. Through partnerships with properties like Live Nation, the Phoenix Open, Chevron Houston Marathon, Grammy Awards and numerous NFL teams, it practically invented the official waste services and recycling category. In a recent op-ed, Wes Muir, director of communications for Waste Management, recently broke down the key learnings and steps WM is using to make events more eco-friendly and economically responsible.

  • Follow the “Sustainable Events Management System” which helps event organizers reduce operating costs in addition to reducing carbon emissions. Going green makes financial sense.

  • Routinely outline, measure, and evaluate environmental impacts to establish a baseline.

  • Strategically place recycling kiosks and bins throughout the event (course, rest areas, finish line, spectator areas).

  • Educate and provide incentives for recycling that are tailored to athletes, vendors and the community.

  • Most importantly, never stop looking for ways to improve your environmentally-friendly processes.

    Muir points out that Waste Management never stops learning from its activations.

    "Throughout the years of our sponsorship of these sporting events, we anticipate significant changes and improvements in our pursuit to reduce the environmental impacts and at the same time, improve the quality of life for the surrounding community and its overall economy," Muir says.

    Before you go zipping off a proposal to Waste Management, you should know that most of their major deals are announced during the same two months throughout the year. You can learn all about Waste Management's sponsorship seasonality (and more) in our Sponsor Index.

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    source: When the Game Ends, the Trash Begins