Feb 24, 2010 at 09:48 PM
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The Case for Smarter Proposals .. in 140 Characters

This quote courtesy of Ad Age's Jeremy Mullman, who moderated a sponsorship panel at the NHL Club Business Meetings today involving marketing execs from McDonald's, State Farm and Gatorade. According to Mullman, the panelists all agreed that the keys to any pitch are relationships and creativity. But don't despair, there's got to be a constructive lesson here of some sort. Properties need to do a better job of sending more informed, targeted proposals? Sponsors/Agencies do their best work when they're proactive about property selection (we'll contact you, don't contact us)? Or perhaps a smarter combination of the two?

With stats like this, can we blame McDonald's? Time to crackin' on the next generation of mind sponsor-need reading services.