Jun 17, 2010 at 08:25 PM
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The First Annual SponsorPitch Property Research Survey

As every successful sponsorship sales professional knows, brands want customized proposals. Cookie cutter, gold, silver, bronze offerings carry little value in today’s marketplace. This means you have to have information and a lot of it, to know which brands to pitch, to whom, how, and when.

Some brands like AT&T provide submission guidance and indicate what they seek in sponsorships, by type or region. But you still have to know where to find this info, who the decision-makers are, who the brand's audience is and what other properties the brand is sponsoring to understand if your proposal fits with the company's current marketing strategy. When you consider most brands don’t even come close to offering what AT&T does, it makes pretty clear the significant effort that is required to adequately research and qualify sponsorship sales prospects.

Have you ever paused to consider just how much time and money you spend and how you research brands? Have you ever wondered how your research efforts stack up against your peers and how they might be improved?

If so, please take a couple minutes to fill out this quick survey. We’ll post the results here in a few weeks. Those who answer all 10 questions will also receive a free white paper describing how to improve the speed and accuracy of your sponsorship prospecting research.

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Thanks for participating!

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