Apr 16, 2010 at 02:56 PM
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The Hartford Fixes Potholes in Private / Public Partnership

Got a pothole complaint? One insurance company wants to know about it. The Hartford is filling potholes city by city in a private-public partnership campaign that has reached Hartford, CT; Phoenix, AZ; Tuscon, AZ; Aurora, IL; Evanston, IL. The pothole patrol is currently in Dallas and Orlando, with more to come throughout 2010.

Here's why The Hartford is patching potholes according to the microsite:

"At The Hartford, we know that a fast, easy commute is one way to ensure your life remains uninterrupted. And there are all sorts of things that can interrupt your daily drive – construction, auto accidents, weather conditions, and even the condition of the roadways. Potholes are a prime example – small in the grand scheme of things, but big enough when you encounter one that it can interrupt your commute."

"The bigger story than the potholes is the idea of partnering – a partnership where everyone's interests are aligned," Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert said at an event kicking off the partnership. "We can do a lot better if we work together."

The Dallas Morning News reports that the campaign will defray $10,000 in street maintenance costs.

The campaign is activated through a social media site that allows visitors to see potholes repairs, submit new potholes to be fixed, vote on the worst ones, hear horror stories, get tips and advice on navigating potholes, and get an auto insurance quote from The Hartford.