Oct 22, 2009 at 12:22 PM
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The Ottawa Senators Have an Official What?

The Ottawa Senators have filled the official hearing care category.

Helix Hearing Care Centre, a subsidiary of Lifestyle Hearing Corporation, has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Ottawa Senators to be the team's Official Hearing Care Company.

"We are proud and very excited to be working with the Ottawa Senators," said Jeffrey Geigel, President of Helix Hearing Centre. "Our goal is that we can collectively bring the importance of proper hearing healthcare to the forefront of this community and the importance of receiving an annual hearing test. Our hearing affects everything we do, in both personal and professional situations."

Today's announcement highlights "the importance of healthy hearing in all areas of our lives, including sports. Whether on the ice, on the sidelines, or watching from the comfort of your home, good hearing helps to better experience the game of hockey."

Among other activities, local media will carry check-up coupons that readers can take into their local Helix clinic for a chance to win tickets to an Ottawa Senators home game.

Time to turn down the volume on that post-goal celebration..