Nov 13, 2012 at 02:12 PM
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The Preferred Brands of Bond

Placement in James Bond's latest movie, "Skyfall," may have cost Heineken over $45 million, but Bond's switch from his signature martini to a bottle of beer didn't by any stretch of the imagination buy exclusivity. Along with Heineken, numerous marketers have been furiously activating their tie-ins to create an opening weekend buzz around what is arguably this year's biggest release. According to Variety, these brands will, combined, spend upwards of $45 million on Bond promotions outside the theatre (not including rights fees paid for the placement).

Some of the notable participants joining Heineken include Coke Zero, Audi, Omega, Sony and Aston Martin among others. For their efforts, 007’s newest film is projected to provide an estimated $7,627,000 million in brand value for its product placement partners during the opening U.S. theatrical release weekend, according to the leading measurement firm Front Row Analytics.

"This shows how far we have come (with product integration) from E.T. chasing after Reese's Pieces in Elliot's backyard, to a Wilson volleyball in “Castaway” to now having Ian Fleming's super spy 007 switching his drink of choice to Heineken." said Eric Smallwood, Senior Vice President of Front Row Marketing Services and Front Row Analytics. "These brands spent millions to be a part of a marquee movie franchise and the world will take notice, now that's a great return-on-investment!”

Here are a few noteworthy promotions...

Coke Zero