Mar 28, 2013 at 02:27 PM
written by Staff

The World's Fastest Agency. Good Idea Or Bad?

You've heard of fast fashion and fast food. Now meet "fast ads." It seems, everything has to be fast these days, even creative... call it quick service advertising (QSA). So it is, that some enterprising agency folks have recently launched the "World's Fastest Agency" that claims to provide creative ideas to clients in 24 hours or less - via Twitter.

Clients pay an agency fee $999 via PayPal, then send a brief via twitter Direct Message to @fastestagency. Within 24 hours, clients get their creative pitch. Sound like a gimmick? You wouldn't be alone. Read some of the comments over here.

Not to be outdone, there's now also an @SecondFastest, an @2ndfastestagenc and even an agency that now promises to deliver "from the gut" ideas in less than a minute.

Seems this is a mini-trend. Whether that's good or bad is up to you to decide. Thoughts?