Jan 13, 2012 at 02:47 PM
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This $3 Billion Brand Is Passing Sponsorship Decision Making Down To Its 2 Million+ Distributors

According to an investor relations presentation at the 14th Annual ICR XChange Conference this week, this $2.7 billion dollar multi-level marketer, which spends millions of dollars on sponsorship annually, is increasingly passing some of the decision making power down to its more than two million distributors across the world. Here's what an executive had to say about how the company is implementing a more distributed approach to sponsorship:

"The great thing about our direct selling business is what we’ve tried to do corporately is to unlock the brand for the distributors, give them access to the brand tools to begin to deploy in their own markets. So while we mainly do large sponsorships and things like that, a distributor in their local market now has the collateral material to sponsor their own AYSO soccer teams or to sponsor their own triathlon or 5K, things like that because that really gives it a much more grass root element and expands the marketing dollars."

Herbalife uses sponsorships like its multi-million dollar deal with the MLS' LA Galaxy to promote its brand messaging of living a healthy active lifestyle with its extensive line of nutritional products.