May 01, 2012 at 04:57 PM
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This Start-Up Wants To Sponsor Celebs Who Are Tired Of Carrying Their Own Luggage

The evolution of luxury travel has spawned plenty of private aviation sponsorships, now meet what may be the next iteration of this trend: personal luggage shipping., the international luggage shipping company, says it has signed its first "socialite" sponsorship deal and is eager to do more. The endorsement deal with "social icon and internet celebrity," Justin Ross Lee ("JRL"), will see LugLess carry his baggage. With some celebs this may seem like a pun, but in fact, LugLess says it's just the beginning of a marketing initiative that will see the company sponsor celebrities, professional athletes and corporate moguls to promote their worldwide message to, "travel without the baggage."

LugLess provides luggage shipping for customers looking to send their bags ahead of time rather than paying airline baggage fees and waiting in long lines at the airport. Justin Ross Lee, "JRL," is an American socialite and media personality frequented in Page Six, The NY Daily News, and Star Magazine, among others. The New York Post recently named him, "The Ego That Attacked NYC."

"We're very excited to sign JRL as the first celebrity sponsor for our brand," said Brian Altomare, Co-Founder of LugLess. "In less than two years we've built LugLess into a global brand through unique and innovate marketing strategies and this is just the latest way we're working to reach new customers. JRL is well known for his online celebrity status and worldwide travel antics and his fans are tailor-made for our travel services. We're excited to be part of the active online dialogue with his fans and followers as he travels the world in 2012 and beyond as our first 'professional travel athlete'."

The partnership with JRL is part of an ongoing effort to leverage social media as a tool to boost marketing around the LugLess brand and to help shed light on the service of luggage shipping as a better alternative to traveling with excess baggage.

"As someone who flies in excess of 200,000 miles per year, I have zero faith in an airlines' handling of checked luggage," JRL said. "I've had my bags lost, damaged, and stolen. No longer will I be subjected to an airline's tyranny of poor customer service, incompetence, and deflection of responsibility. LugLess helps me travel without the baggage."

LugLess is a subsidiary of lifestyle logistics company, Mad Travelers, LLC, which also owns and