Nov 07, 2012 at 02:57 PM
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Three Election Night Gimmicks That Made Network Coverage Worth Watching

Now that all the votes have been counted, lets talk about the election coverage itself. Waiting for results to come in doesn't always make for great TV so no matter which network you landed on last night, it's likely you were treated to some crafty election night gimmicks. For viewers, and especially OOH and experiential marketing aficianados, 2012 election night was a fresh change from the traditional electoral map. Here's a couple favorites from last night...

CNN Displays Electoral Votes Up The Empire State Building

As each state was projected by CNN, a vertical LED-illuminated “meter” located atop the spire of the Empire State Building displayed CNN’s running tally of the race to 270.


NBC's Ice Rink Electoral Map

Amazingly, no one was hurt as NBC's 'Ice Team Zebra' filled in each state on the Rockefeller Plaza ice rink as the results were filed.


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NBC Lights Up 30 Rock

Two window washer rigs (one red and one blue) raced up the facade of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, one each measuring Obama and Romney’s electoral college votes.


Photo credit: CNN, NBC