Aug 12, 2014 at 02:54 PM
written by Staff

Toyota Recalls Red Zone Sponsorship

In response to an outcry from some fans regarding Toyota's on-field graphics during the 49ers first televised pre-season game, The Northern California Toyota Dealers Association says it will no longer run the Toyota Red Zone signage once the ball is snapped. Presumably the graphics will still be on field in between downs. Just last May, Toyota was named the exclusive auto partner of the stadium and the team. Toyota's statement:

"We're football fans too. We've heard fan feedback and it's not our intention to distract from the joy of the game. Toyota will continue to be a strong supporter of the 49ers as part of our multi-year partnership and we're working to ensure that future brand mentions won't distract from game play. During the remainder of the 49ers' pre-season games, fans and viewers should no longer see the Toyota Red Zone once the ball is snapped."