Aug 04, 2010 at 01:28 AM
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Two Big Announcements From SponsorPitch

The SponsorPitch network just got a lot more valuable for our members...

Welcome Major League Soccer (MLS) to the SponsorPitch movement! As of this week, the league is embracing the opportunity to get all of its league and team sales and marketing staff on SponsorPitch with Professional memberships.

MLS is the first major sports league to ensure that front office staff at all 19 teams throughout North America will be maintaining SponsorPitch profiles, reporting the deals they have done/brands worked with and getting full access to SponsorPitch's suite of groundbreaking research tools for professional members. Keep an eye out as MLS sales and marketing execs join the SponsorPitch network from your local market and don't hesitate to network with them, share insights and do all the stuff you're already doing to make the SponsorPitch network the #1 online resource for sponsorship professionals.

Second, SponsorPitch released a new version of the Sponsor Index late last week. Turning real-time data into actionable leads is now easier than ever. Here’s a really quick run down of some of what is new:

Search & filter the entire sponsors database, which as of this post stands at 1,275 actively spending sponsors, by several different search variables such as location, category, proposal submission options and more.

Enhanced Brand Pages to make learning about brand sponsorship activity easier, including:

--> Business overviews

--> Competitive analysis

--> Decision makers and contact information

--> Deal history

--> Markets that are being activated in

--> Grades & reviews

--> Experts that have past work experience with, and insights on, a sponsor

As the President and CEO of one of the world’s largest endurance events recently said after seeing a demo, “this is like a global online phone book for sponsorship.” We're not going to turn down a compliment, but the truth is it’s a lot more than that and we hope you will take some time to go check it out for yourself.



Finally, we've introduced new professional pricing plans to make all of this more accessible and affordable for you. You can go month-to-month or if you want the lowest price, try our annual professional membership at a 30% discount to the monthly rate. As always, SponsorPitch is free to join.

You’ll be hearing more about SponsorPitch as we accelerate our efforts to enhance the network and unleash an unprecedented new level of professional efficiency in the sponsorship marketplace.