Oct 15, 2012 at 04:23 PM
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[VIDEO] Pocket Like It's Hot: Snoop Teams Up With Snack Maker

In what may be his first endorsement deal as Snoop Lion, "Pocket Like It's Hot", a music video/ad featuring Snoop was released by the marketing folks at Hot Pockets brand sandwiches over the weekend. Pretty funny stuff. Check it out below...

“Everyone loves Snoop Dogg because he’s fun and IRRESISTIBLY HOT just like HOT POCKETS,” said brand manager Daniel Jhung of Nestlé USA. “Snoop Dogg brings the concept of IRRESISTIBLY HOT to life. No matter where Snoop is, he’s able to enjoy HOT POCKETS, no matter how outrageous or unconventional the setting. We hope the video makes our fans laugh (and get hungry!) when they watch it, and we hope they’ll share Snoop’s latest music video with friends.”

More info at facebook.com/hotpockets.