Feb 01, 2010 at 10:14 PM
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Visa Extends Go World to Grand Central

With the competition for Olympic mindshare reaching fever pitch - among both official sponsors and opportunistic ambushers - are there still any exclusive environments to get your message across? There are if you blanket the world's largest train station. Visa, today, launched an experiential campaign in Grand Central covering the subway corridor with 3D video and static images from the company’s global Olympic-themed advertising campaign – Go World.

"Bringing our Go World campaign to life in Grand Central Terminal and through social media channels are important extensions and enhancements to our overall Olympic Games marketing campaign, at a time when interest for the Games is at its highest," said Antonio Lucio, Chief Marketing Officer, Visa. "With the help of innovative 3D technology and popular social media sites, we're able to strengthen our connection to the Olympic Games and drive transactions during the Games with a breakthrough promotional offer – a trip to the Olympic Winter Games for life.”

An estimated 3 million consumers will pass through Grand Central Terminal’s subway corridor during the 28-day campaign period.

In San Francisco, the out-of-home campaign also launched today with elements to appear on 125 transit shelters and 25 newsstands across the city.

Avatar and Grammy fans will strap on 3D glasses, but will on the go commuters? Starting today, street teams will hand out 3D glasses that allow commuters to view the 3D commercials.

photo credit: visa.com