Mar 11, 2013 at 03:53 PM
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WaPo, The Latest To Cash In On Sponsored Content

The Washington Post last week introduced “BrandConnect,” which allows marketers to offer content to Washington Post users and feature it on The Post’s homepage and throughout the site. CTIA-The Wireless Association is the first partner on board with this article. Though not always popular, the move is an increasingly common one for publishers looking to cash in on sponsored content.

“With BrandConnect, marketers become the content creators and get premium placement throughout our site. We are excited to create a way for marketers to create enhanced visibility, while maintaining our position as a trusted source for content of all kinds,” said Steve Hills, President and General Manager of The Washington Post.

“We believe BrandConnect will help us better connect with relevant and important audiences and will be an effective supplement to standard ad placements for our ‘Wireless is Limitless’ campaign," added John Walls, CTIA Vice-President, Public Affairs. "The new format gives us a lot of flexibility and opportunity to reach users in a unique and meaningful way to educate them on the topics of interest with the wireless industry.”

As the first participant of BrandConnect, CTIA will provide weekly content through blog posts, video case studies, and infographics related to wireless communication. BrandConnect will be clearly labeled as advertising, and The Washington Post newsroom is not involved in the development.