Sep 23, 2009 at 07:43 PM
written by Michael Munson

What do you want?

As of this post, we've done some heavy lifting in an effort to make this part of SponsorPitch more of a resource, than a run of the mill blog. We are continually seeking to aggregate ideas, both here and across the web, that create valued and shared insights for sponsorship professionals.

It has been about four months since I started writing posts for SponsorPitch. My posts to date have been wide ranging in topic, all in an effort to try to determine what issues and ideas readers of this blog find compelling and interesting.

By far the topic that elicited the most reaction so far was a post done about standardizing information in the sponsorship marketplace. It really stirred emotions and got people chiming in from several different perspectives. The intent here is to be just as provocative with everything to follow. That goal seems to be elusive, however, as few posts have garnered much discussion since that epic 27 comment free-for-all.

Like any good marketer, I need to understand my audience in order to develop offerings that will provide value and utility to it. In my effort to gain that understanding, I am launching the “Who is reading me?” contest.

All you have to do is tweet, email me or comment on this post and provide the following information:

  • Ideas for what content you want to see in my blog posts / what are sponsorship's biggest issues?
  • What information do you want, but can’t easily get, that you’d like to see SponsorPitch provide?

    The first 20 people to respond will receive three months of Premium Pitch (for properties), valued at $60, for free. Complimentary, no obligation, Premium Pitch service, including access to BrandCast, a series of interviews with leading sponsorship marketing decision-makers. Yes, that sounds like a lot to give, but what is more important than knowing your audience? If it takes generous inducements to gather information about whom the audience is, so be it.

    We'll throw out a few of the ideas you offer (anonymously if you like) for discussion later in the week on SponsorCrunch - the new home for our blog!

    Mike can be reached by email at [email protected] and on Twitter at @mjmunson. Also, don't forget to view all of Mike's previous posts.