May 29, 2009 at 06:48 PM
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What is Lead Time™ by SponsorPitch?

You may notice a few new additions to the SponsorPitch website. We wanted to take a minute to catch you up.

Our new social research service, Lead Time™ is the result of a long term trend, not an isolated idea (although we think it's a good one!).

There is a systematic lack of transparency and teamwork across sponsorship sales peers. Everybody, except the ones that need it most, sellers of sponsorship, is in on this game. Why? Because status quo helps them maintain legacy business models, from Sponsors, who have all the leverage in negotiations because there is no competitive information that will allow properties to efficiently price their assets, to Agencies, who sell "market research" at an hourly premium as if it's proprietary in some form, to Publishers, who charge outrageous fees for partial and outdated competitive intelligence and basic contact lists. It's time for properties to break-free of this model and Lead Time™ will empower and allow them to do that.


Sponsors shouldn't be afraid to compete for properties' business (quite a change, eh?) through the power of an efficiently priced marketplace. Truly strategic agencies should make creativity their core product, not research. Publishers should not be afraid to shift their business model to deep content and conferences, not contact lists and research. In a social world, a research department and an annual sourcebook simply can't compete with an army of contributors in real-time. And with that sponsorship sellers, we give you Lead Time™.

Lead Time™ is a benefit of Premium Pitch membership. Don't standby and let the monthly membership price continue to rise as each additional user signs up. Start getting gaining discounts, getting updates on the tailored sponsor leads, networking with like-minded sponsorship pros and building your professional resume within the sponsorship industry. Don't hesitate to drop us feedback or suggestions for improvement!