Jul 16, 2011 at 03:00 PM
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Which MLB Stadium Sponsors Have Cashed In This Season

Amidst the wow factor of numbers that typically get thrown around for media exposure, few media outlets ever take the time to compare the pro-rated cost of the deal to the exposure number bountied about. Business Insider did that on Friday using Joyce Julius & Associates numbers from the first three months of the season and measuring that against the cost of the naming rights deal to give an idea of which MLB stadium sponsors have gotten the most value out of their deals.

Since most naming rights deals are long term, in excess of 10 year commitments in most cases, measuring on such a short period of time is more for entertainment value than anything else, but since you're in the biz you'll probably find it at least worth a read. While Citigroup got $5.08 million in media exposure during the first three months, the value gained above the cost was a modest $80,000. The rest of their results, while far from a perfect science, might surprise you.

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