Oct 26, 2011 at 07:33 PM
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WTA Sponsor: Consumers Trust Athletes More Than Doctors

Kevin Guest, the North American President of nutritional supplements company and WTA official partner, USANA, talked about how critical sponsorship was to the company's marketing efforts on today's third quarter conference call. Most interestingly, he says athletes have more cred than doctors when it comes to talking about products, which is presumably why the company has some of the top names in women's tennis on its roster.

Here's what Guest had to say:

"One of the interesting things as it relates to our athletes, we did some marketing research from a credibility perspective and our athletes score actually highest on the list, even above medical doctors and speaking about trust in using our products. And so we continue to be involved from a -- from that perspective with our WTA relationship and we're excited to see that relationship grow. Also at our International Convention, we expanded our athlete relationship with our -- with the announcement of our involvement with the U.S. snowboard and ski team. Our strategy there is Olympic athletes love and trust our products and we want to be the #1 company, nutritional company in the world supplying products to gold-medal athletes around the world, which is the method to the madness behind that strategy, which our Associates who are out spreading this message love to talk about."

Source: SeekingAlpha.com