Apr 30, 2011 at 02:42 PM
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WWE Reveals New Beer Deal

After WWE got done slamming investors with a 66% dividend cut in yesterday's annual shareholder meeting, WWE CMO Michelle Wilson and CEO Vince McMahon fielded shareholder Q&A, which provided some some unique insight into McMahon's sponsorship philosophy, as well as, a new beer deal WWE has secured for the Summer with MillerCoors's Keystone Light brand. The other big news from the meeting? The organization will from now on be branded simply as WWE in all communications, as it looks to become a diversified entertainment company that goes beyond the ring. From PWInsider.com:

"A stockholder asked why energy drinks and Budweiser aren't spending money with the WWE product. He also asked about the K-Mart sponsorship. Michelle Wilson, the company's Chief Marketing Officer, discussed the partnership and how K-Mart's awareness on their website and live events will benefit their retail outlets. She said it was a unique deal in that it was done jointly with the USA Network. She said that they, as a property, are one stop shopping, unlike sports products, since they can get talent appearances, TV awareness and live event awareness in one place. She said they have signed a similar deal with Mars and they are making progress in educating potential partners of what they have to bring to the table. She announced they have come to an agreement with Miller to do a summer promotion with the Keystone Light brand and they are looking to use some talents as part of that agreement.

McMahon said that PG doesn't have to mean kids, it just means PG. He said that if you are TV-MA, certain sponsors aren't going to touch you. He said that WWE can be aggressive but also fun. He said that it's important that the company doesn't do something outlandish that can put a blemish on their sponsors and partners. He said that they are attracting more sponsors because of their dedication to putting on a PG product for everyone."

Read PWInsider.com's full recap of the annual shareholders meeting here or you can watch a lengthy video of the meeting here. What are your reactions to the new beer deal and WWE's strategy for keeping sponsors satisfied by maintaining a PG rating? Does the PG stance hurt or enhance its opportunities with new partners? Drop a comment below and get membership (SPoints) points.